The Changing Landscape – B2B

 August 2, 2019

The sales landscape has changed dramatically, as B2B buyers are more empowered and have total control over their buying journey in a very competitive marketplace.

It’s now more challenging to move buyers into the sales funnel.

It’s important that sales and marketing teams learn to adapt to their buyers’ journey or loose them to a competitor, who is probably ahead of the game and has already started to integrate new modern sales and marketing techniques!

Historically, the buying process relied heavily on sales to initiate contact and drive conversations. But now calls aren’t being answered, emails aren’t being opened and events aren’t being attended.  Going in ‘cold’, using traditional sales and marketing techniques just isn’t working as a stand-alone activity, as the buyer can choose how they are sold to, the method they want to receive marketing/sales information and when they want to consume it – not when you want them to.

Prospects don’t want to be sold to, they want to be educated, they want to build confidence in who they are buying from, they want someone who understands their pain points and adds value – not someone that just wants to sell a product or service.

So, we must put processes in place that matches the buyers’ journey.  These processes are simple tweaks to the current way you are selling/marketing. They aren’t time-consuming.  You just need to turn things on its head slightly so that buyers will come to you when they realize they need you, not your competitor.  And, it’s up to you to move them forward and make them realise they need you sooner.

If you would like to talk through these sales and marketing techniques, and how to integrate them into your current activity just let me know.